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Many people have commented that The very first time they read the name Chris Moneymaker, they considered it had been a joke! Significantly from getting a joke, Chris Moneymaker is currently an icon whose identify is well-known in the annals of Texas Holdem Poker.

Chris is the primary individual to gain the prestigious Entire world Number of Poker (WSOP) Event by qualifying on-line. In truth, the first actual desk game he performed was in the WSOP. Ahead of taking part in the WSOP, his poker taking part in was limited to three many years of action online the place he skilled for his seat at pokerstars.com.

Chris, an accountant at time, was up against Ihsan Sam Farha in the final round. Each individual of the two Adult males was accompanied by his superior luck allure. Chris held his great luck crystal and Sam experienced his great luck tiger figurine. The No Restrict Texas Holdem Poker God smiled on Chris that working day by offering him the total property successful hand of three fives and two fours As well as 메이저사이트 the Championship Title in the 34th yearly Environment Series of Poker combined with the best prize of $2.5 million.

Due to the fact his significant win and catapult into celebrity standing, precisely what is Chris Moneymaker undertaking now? And what guidance does he have For the remainder of us?

Chris had his existence story Moneymaker by Chris Moneymaker ghostwritten for him and posted by Harper Collins Ebook Publishers. Chapter A single entitled Effortless Funds starts with an interesting Chinese Proverb we must always all choose to coronary heart. At the gambling table, there are no fathers and sons.

In his autobiography, he reveals Understanding to play a myriad of card online games from the age of seven on. These were being taught to him by his Knoxville Grandma on weekend visits to her household. Chris, in conjunction with his 6 yr outdated brother Jeff, learned to Perform bridge, hearts, spades, gin and cribbage.

He states he has approached numerous different producers concerning building a Film about his lifetime and There's some curiosity With this challenge but this continues to be relegated to staying labored on down the road.

Chris programs to spend some more time along with his spouse and children and promoting PokerStars and Canadian Club whiskey. He also programs to Participate in in somewhere around 6 tournaments a 12 months and is also working his personal firm which deals during the sale of poker chips and poker associated extras.


His assistance to people that would like to get paid their residing trying to turn into a poker star: Dont quite your day career. Chris desires us to be aware that Even though the entire world of poker is actually a glamorous planet in truth, it requires a substantial amount of time, cash, sponsors and endorsements to become a poker professional. In addition, the abilities needed are the opportunity to study people today, a very good memory and well made math capability.